Dry Eye Management

What is dry eye disease?

Dry eye disease (DED) is inflammation of the surface of the eye that decreases the quality and quantity of tears. This causes damage to the eye’s surface which then causes irritation. It affects approximately 30% of Canadians.

Common symptoms of DED:

1) Blurry (fluctuating vision)

2) Burning/Stinging

3) Dryness/scratchiness

4) Sensitivity to light

5) Eye redness

6) Excessive tearing

How is DED treated?

There are many ways to treat dry eyes. The treatment of choice depends largely on the cause. Just a few initial options include tears/ointments and omega-3’s. Please visit our dry eye products page. Others can be drops to help reduce inflammation such as Restasis. Opteva Direct is a comprehensive patient support program that helps patients manage their dry eyes.

Please visit optevadirect.com or ask your optometrist if this program is right for you. Please book a dry eye assessment today to discuss treatment options.

Before your visit, please fill out this dry eye questionnaire first.

Dry Eye Questionnaire

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