Eye Examinations

Eye Exams

Make the health of your eyes a top priority. One of the best ways to remain informed and ensure that your vision is the absolute best that it can be, is by having a regular eye exam performed by your optometrist. Your eye doctor can help you to learn more about the health of your eyes and provide solutions to correct and even improve your vision. To get started and see the world a little better, contact the Waterdown Optometric Clinic today.

As an adult, you likely understand better than anyone that life gets busy. It’s easy to let certain things fall through the cracks, including your optical care. Eye exams are one thing that you should always prioritize. It’s essential that an optical expert has an opportunity to examine your eyes and ensure that you are receiving the right solutions to achieve the best vision possible.

Your child is always growing. To ensure their best health, it’s very important that they attend regular check-ups and eye exams. Regular eye exams provide an opportunity to track their growth and ultimately determine if they require a prescription to help improve their vision. Your child may not know that they require help with their vision or may not be able to properly communicate that they cannot see well. That’s where help from an expert during a routine eye exam can really be helpful.

As you head into the next stage of your life, you may notice a change in your vision. To ensure that your eyes are healthy and vision is in good shape, we suggest scheduling routine eye examination appointments. Your optometrist can determine if there has been a change in your prescription or if another solution would achieve better results for you. Your optometrist can also keep an eye out for the signs, symptoms and developments of certain diseases and conditions, including glaucoma and cataracts.

While it’s important for people of all ages and lifestyles to have their eyes examined regularly, there is an added urgency for those with diabetes to schedule an eye exam. Diabetes can affect all areas of the body, including the eyes. It can even increase the risk of developing certain conditions, such as cataracts, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.

Benefits of Scheduling an Eye Exam

  • Monitor your eye health
  • Watch for the development of certain conditions
  • Diagnose conditions if developed
  • Provide solutions to improve your eye health
  • Ensure a good quality of vision

Is it time for your regular eye exam? Contact our team of experts at the Waterdown Optometric Clinic today. We are here to help.