Eye Care Products for Dry and Irritated Eyes

Dry Eye Products

Do you suffer from dry eyes? Improve the moisture of your eyes with our range of dry eye products. We carry Omega’3s, lid care, preservative free artificial tears, and ointments. If you aren’t sure which dry eye solution is best for you, speak with our eye care professionals at the Waterdown Optometric Clinic today. We are here to help ensure the best health for your eyes.

Why It’s Important to Treat Dry Eyes

  • Improved quality of vision and reduced blurriness
  • Cleanse your eyes and wash away allergens, dust and germs
  • Improved cornea health and reduced inflammation
  • Reduced risk of other conditions, such as ulcers and scarring

Contact the Waterdown Optometric Clinic to learn more about dry eyes and explore solutions available to you today.


As ordered by the College of Optometrists and the Minister of Health we
have temporarily closed the office and cancelled all booked eye
appointments until further notice. We will not have any phone service but
feel free to email us and we will try and get back to you in a timely

For URGENT eye care please email us at [email protected] with
details of your concerns along with your contact information and one of our
doctors will get back to you as soon as possible.

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We are working on a storefront for our website to allow for the purchase of
contact lenses and dry eye products to be directly shipped to your
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re-order requests or glasses inquiries.

Take care of yourself and those around you and thank you for your patience.

The Waterdown Optometric Team