Your Vision is our Priority

Our trained staff and team of doctors of optometry are here to help maintain and improve the quality of your eyesight. Speak with one of our experts today and put the health of your eyes first.

Your Vision is our Priority

About Us

Welcome to Waterdown Optometric Clinic – your local expert in everything optometry. Whether you’re in need of an eye exam or new glasses, our doctors of optometry are here to help. We’re the experts in our field, no matter the state of health that your eyesight is in, we will tend to you with care and support every step of the way. From ensuring that your little one feels safe and comfortable during their first appointment, to helping you find the right glasses for your lifestyle, visit Waterdown Optometric Clinic for quality family eyecare you can trust.

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Our Vision

Simply put, our vision is your vision. We want to ensure that each and every one of our patients finds the proper solution for their eyesight. Through regular tests, scans and check-ups, our team of optometry experts can help to ensure that you are informed regarding the health of your eyes and have access to the best solutions available.

To learn more about Waterdown Optometric Clinic or take advantage of our services, contact us today. One of our kind and knowledgeable team members would be happy to assist you. Let us help you achieve the best quality of eyesight possible.

Welcome to Waterdown Optometric

Whether you’re looking to learn more about our eye care services or book your first appointment, our team is here to assist you. Simply get in touch with us via the phone, email or by visiting our office in person to get started today. Our team of caring and supportive eye care professionals are here and eager to assist you.

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Our Services

The health of your eyes is our top priority. That’s why we offer a range of important services that are imperative to improving and maintaining the quality of your eyesight and health of your eyes. If you think that you may benefit from one or more of the services below, please get in touch with us today. Together, we can improve your vision and health of your eyes.

No matter your age or lifestyle, regular eye exams are extremely important to the health of your eyes and quality of your vision. If you require glasses or contact lenses, you may not even know it. Only a professional eye exam can determine the health of your eyes and quality of your vision, which is the first step toward a solution to help you see the world better. From infants and children, to adults and seniors, contact us today to schedule your next eye exam.

Your vision should never be taken for granted. Often, we don’t realize just how lucky we are to have healthy eyes and good-quality vision. In the case of an eye emergency, your vision may be compromised. It’s essential that you seek and access care immediately, which is where our emergency eye care services can become incredibly essential. If you are in need of immediate medical attention for your eyes, please contact Waterdown Optometric right away for an emergency appointment. The health of your eyes depends on it.

Improve the quality of your vision and overall lifestyle with help from contact lenses. Our team of doctors of optometry can determine the exact prescription that you require to see perfectly and then access the right solution to correct your vision. If you are new to contact lenses, your optometrist can teach you how to use them properly, care for them and ensure your eyes are in the best health possible. If you have any questions about your contact lenses, contact Waterdown Optometric today.

Your optometrist can help you to determine, manage and maintain the health of your eyes. Through various tests and scans, our team at Waterdown Optometric can help you learn more about your vision and what is required to achieve an optimal state of health. If you are diagnosed with an eye disease, your optometrist can help you to manage it and access the proper care, and even prescribe medications, no matter how frequent or long it may be required.

Our Brands

We are committed to delivering the best quality vision solutions to each and every one of our patients. This commitment carries over to the brands of frames, spectacle lenses and contact lenses that we offer. Your glasses should offer a durable and functional experience, without a compromise on style or comfort. That’s exactly what the brands of glasses that we carry can offer you. From Michael Kors and Kate Spade, to Dior and everything else in between, visit Waterdown Optometric today to get started and provide your eyes with the care that they deserve.

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