Eye Examinations

Children's Eye Exams

Your child is always growing. To ensure their best health, it’s very important that they attend regular check-ups and eye exams. Regular eye exams provide an opportunity to track their growth and ultimately determine if they require a prescription to help improve their vision. Your child may not know that they require help with their vision or may not be able to properly communicate that they cannot see well. That’s where help from an expert during a routine eye exam can really be helpful.

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your child's Optical Health

During your child’s eye exam, their optometrist will go above and beyond to ensure that they are comfortable. This may be a new experience for them or one that they aren’t sure of, which is why our team is prepared to care for your child with patience, understanding and kindness. Their optometrist will perform a series of examinations and scans to ensure that your child has the best quality of vision health and has access to any eye care solutions if needed. If your child requires a prescription for eyeglasses, their optometrist can walk you both through the process. From finding the right pair of eyeglasses for your child to teaching you both how to care for them, your optometrist will be there every step of the way.


If your child requires prescription eyeglasses, they may qualify for the Eye See…Eye Learn® (ESEL) program. The ESEL program provides one pair of glasses with an estimated value of over $250 to children who qualify, courtesy of participating optometrists and corporate partners, Plastic Plus and Modern Optical Canada. Crafted with high-quality and impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses, the frames available are both durable and fashionable, so that your child can enjoy improved vision with no compromise on style. This program is available to Ontario children who are born in 2015 that started junior kindergarten in September. The ESEL program began on July 1, 2019 and runs through to June 30, 2020. To learn more about the ESEL program, contact Waterdown Optometric Clinic today.

Booking an Exam for Your Child

Often, children aren’t aware that they have a poor quality of vision or can’t communicate that they require help. Regular eye exams provide the experts with an opportunity to monitor the eye health of your child, determine a diagnosis and provide a prescription or vision solution to help them see better. To schedule an eye exam for your child, contact the Waterdown Optometric Clinic today. One of our team members would be more than happy to help you book an eye exam for your child and help you prepare for the appointment accordingly.